We work sustainably!

Our electricity - from sun and water!

Almost half of the electricity required by the administration, workshop, warehouse, machinery and equipment is supplied by our photovoltaic system on the roof. The rest is supplied by the green electricity provider Lichtblick.

Afterwards on the garbage

Our own floor system

In order to counteract the waste of material, we have designed and produced our own flooring system, which does without tools and screws.

Graphic design

The high production quality of printed textile banners and panels – care and a little more effort enables us to use produced textiles and panels for several years, as long as the graphic content does not change.

The carpet we walk on

Carpets are recycled and begin a second life as textile items and aggregates in the construction industry.

Walls and packaging

Wall panels and panel products for stand construction material are used as far as possible as packaging material for future projects. Our foils used for packaging can largely be incinerated without residues.

Your project budget will of course also be spared due to the reusability of many materials!